What Do Nutritionists Eat And Drink When They're Hungover?

Avoid caffeine as although it may appear to give you a boost, it will fatigue you in the long run as it inhibits iron absorption and stimulates cortisol release. This can interfere with digestion and vitamin uptake and reduce energy production.

Make this in advance and drink pre and post event. It should last three days in a sealed container in the fridge and don’t worry if it separates - just give it a shake. You can add hot stock and a protein of choice and turn it into a more substantial meal or soup if you wish.


  • One handful of watercress

  • One handful of spinach

  • One handful of rocket

  • One handful of parsley

  • One handful of basil

  • Three dark cabbage leaves

  • Two celery sticks

  • One fennel bulb

  • Two spring onions

  • Juice of one lemon and some zest

Roughly tear the leaves and chop the stems and put them into a pan, add a cup of water and place on a gentle heat. Let the contents wilt and steam, add a little more water if needed and blend.

This is great for liver support, blood sugar regulation and hormone balance and will help your liver cope with alcohol excess and give you a boost.

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Call 0208 530 4487 or 07876 452008

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