The ultimate aim is to uncover the root cause of your health concerns and devise a realistic nutritional action plan covering diet, lifestyle and, if necessary, supplements which I will send to you. 

Before your consultation, I will send you a questionnaire asking you relevant questions on your general health, medical history, lifestyle and any symptoms that may be causing you concern. I will also ask you about the kind of foods you eat and your meal routines. The initial consultation lasts up to one-and-a-half hours. Usually this is in person, however, if it's easier for you, it can be carried out by phone or Skype. Together we will identify any possible underlying issues, establish your personal goals and prioritise your concerns.

In some instances I may also recommend that some simple lab tests are undertaken. Four - six weeks later, I will contact you for a follow up session, when we can look at how well your plan is going and make any changes, if needs be. In the meantime I will be contactable by email for any further clarification or guidance on your plan. Although, in most cases this should complete your programme, I can arrange ongoing consultations if necessary. 

What it will cost
Personal Consultation & Plan
£250 (4 sessions)

Personal treatment file & action plan

Recipe & menu ideas

Lifestyle & exercise recommendations

Health assessment

Email support

Maintenance Sessions (30 mins) £30

Half hour offering ongoing support

Group Sessions Available

Get in touch for details

Individual diet and lifestyle review.
Costs on request.
Make a quick enquiry

Call 0208 530 4487 or 07876 452008

Call 0208 530 4487 or 07876 452008

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