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Nothing could be more true than saying 'we are what we eat'. Our moods, energy levels, concentration and the ability to fight disease - in fact almost every facet of what makes us 'us' can be linked to some extent to our diet. 


It's easier than you think, with the right professional help, to make positive changes. Expert knowledge of and insight into the best diet for our individual needs, can make a real difference to our health, how we feel, and how we perform in our daily life. 



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Karen Poole, Nutritional Therapist, London 

BA, CNM Nutrition Dip, MBANT, CNHC.

I firmly believe that enjoying food and a healthy balanced diet are not mutually exclusive and that, even in today's frantic world, all of us can and should treat food as both a pleasure and a therapy.

Keep up to date with all my latest health tips and advice. Seasonal healthy recipes to help with weight loss.


A healthy diet and lifestyle can help with 






Weight management


Gluten Intolerence





Call 0208 530 4487 or 07876 452008

Call 0208 530 4487 or 07876 452008

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